Actual Veggies, the chef-crafted, veggie-packed burger brand made with wholesome plant-only ingredients and spices, is solidifying itself as a frontrunner in reshaping the plant-based protein industry. Building upon its impressive growth trajectory and brand refresh, Actual Veggies is announcing its launch of its latest frozen innovations—Black Bean Veggie Burger and Super Greens Veggie Burgerat select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

Actual Veggies has achieved a remarkable 338.2% growth. The brand’s impressive growth and strong investor support have paved the way for significant advancements, including venturing into the freezer category, unveiling a brand refresh, and expanding distribution into Whole Foods Market. With this new retail launch, Actual Veggies products are now available in over 2,600 doors.

“The speed at which our brand has grown is truly remarkable, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the level of excitement surrounding Actual Veggies,” said Hailey Swartz, co-founder of Actual Veggies. “Three years ago, we had an idea with big dreams. With the support of our consumers and investors, we are eager to continue leading the charge in redefining the plant-based protein industry, offering clean-ingredient, veggie-packed burgers.”

Actual Veggies also announced refreshed packaging and new product names across its entire line, as well as a revitalized logo. The brand’s new boxes with four conveniently wrapped patties will be available at Whole Foods Market stores in the freezer aisle. The eye-catching, colorful new packaging highlights the main ingredient and flavor profile of each burger. Consumers can still find Actual Veggies’ products in a two-pack tray at select retailers in the refrigerated section. 

“Our nationwide launch at Whole Foods Market stores is a significant milestone in our journey and an integral part of Actual Veggies’ mission,” said Jason Rosenbaum, co-founder of Actual Veggies. “It’s incredible to see how these burgers have soared in popularity, even amidst a downturn in the plant-based category. By making our veggie burgers available to a wider audience, we take an exciting step forward in our goal of offering more nutritious and flavorful burger options that incorporate fresh farm-grown vegetables.”

Actual Veggies’ new 4-pack of veggie burgers will be available in the freezer aisle at select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. Consumers can still find its other products in a two-pack tray at select retailers in its refrigerated section. 


About Actual Veggies
Founded in 2020, by Hailey Swartz and Jason Rosenbaum, Actual Veggies is redefining the plant-based protein industry with its line of clean, veggie-packed burgers. These chef-crafted veggie burger patties are made with only fresh, actual vegetables, grains, and a signature spice blend. Each patty’s vibrant color is indicative of the vegetables used in each burger. Find Actual Veggies products in retail locations including Kroger, Wegmans, The Fresh Market, online at Hungryroot, ButcherBox, Purple Carrot, Imperfect Foods, Misfits Market, and restaurants such as Delilah, PLNT Burger, and the Met, to name a few.