OLM Food Solutions, a Performance Food Group (PFG) company, is excited to announce the expansion of its snack offerings with Hot Stuff Kitchen Stuffed Bites. This product line pairs hearty portions of classic flavors with various doughs, from flaky pastry to buttermilk biscuits, which offers home-style taste and on-the-go convenience.

Created to meet America's growing demand for convenient, tasty snacking options, Stuffed Bites is designed with operational efficiency and market appeal in mind. These snacks address the needs articulated by OLM Food Solution customers—unique products that deliver exceptional taste in a cost-effective and accessible way.

"Our goal with the HSK Stuffed Bites is to drive a significant increase in same-store sales for our customers," says Raden Smith, CEO of OLM Food Solutions. "This product is a strategic response to what we've learned from store operators about what works best in today’s fast-paced foodservice environment."

The Stuffed Bites currently includes:

  • Jalapeño Biscuit Sunrise Bites: A low-labor, high-appeal option for busy mornings.
  • Beefy Taco Bites: A unique and tasty offering that captures the vibrant flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine.
  • Apple Pie Bites: A limited-time offering that brings the comfort of classic apple pie in a convenient form.
  • Brown Sugar Cinnamon Bites: A seasonal treat combining brown sugar's sweetness with cinnamon's warmth.

"These new flavors are just the beginning," said Smith. “As we’ve grown far beyond just a pizza company, OLM is tuned into America's snacking habits, and we're dedicated to continuously exploring fun and exciting tastes to expand our Stuffed Bites line."

About OLM Food Solutions
Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, OLM Food Solutions, a Performance Food Group company, and has been a pioneer in the food industry for more than four decades. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, OLM continues to deliver on its promise of providing quality, convenient, and flavorful food solutions to the market.