CPET containers from Alcan Packaging Food Americas, Chicago, offer food processors packaging solutions that enhance sustainability, while providing an alternative to polypropylene (PP) trays.

Unlike PP that has an SPI resin identification code of 7, CPET trays feature a 1 resin identification code and reduce environmental impact with 100 percent recyclability. Alcan Packaging CPET products contain an average of 17 percent post-consumer recycled material, using an FDA-certified clean recycling stream that complies with regulations for food contact.

Alcan Packaging says its CPET containers deliver seven times the barrier protection of multi-layer PP trays, as well as superior dimensional stability. Compared to PP, CPET features dual ovenability and a wide temperature tolerance from -40F degrees to 400F degrees, for freezer-to-oven or -microwave convenience. CPET also outperforms PP by eliminating any negative affects on food flavor and aroma, giving consumers better protected, more versatile and better tasting meals.

Alcan Packaging manufactures a full spectrum of CPET trays, with a wide variety of colors and shapes available. With focused thermoform facilities and a dedicated technical support team, Alcan Packaging provides exceptional speed-to-market solutions. -- Alcan Packaging Food Americas
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