Depositors can be used in Mexican food production for the precise portioning of fillings and sauces for burritos, taquitos, empanadas and more.

Unifiller depositors, like the Pro1000i, ensure a precise portion of fillings like refried beans, chicken, beef or any other slurry filling, ensuring consistency of quality and taste.

Whether it’s salsa, guacamole, enchilada, chili, cheese or sour cream sauce, Unifiller depositors can accurately portion sauce into tubs, onto products or into trays. To further optmize the process, a transfer pump can be used to feed the depositor from a bowl or kettle for continuous production, or configure a system by combining a photo sensor and conveyor with a depositor to automate the process and ensure target-specific depositing.

Other benefits of integrating a depositor into a food production line include:
• Speeding up production to meet increased demand
• Increasing production efficiency
• Reducing product waste
• Managing labor costs
• Full washdown allows for quick product changeover
• Ability to handle chunky to aerated products for various applications