Multi-Fill's new filler helps processors reduce cost, add flexibility in multi-Lane conveying and packaging lines.

Multi-Lane conveying and packaging lines are becoming more prevalent in new filling applications as processors try to reduce manufacturing costs and add flexibility in product packaging. This is especially  true in the ready meal industry, which has been typically very labor intensive.

To address this demand, filling equipment specialist Multi-Fill Inc. has developed a new 4-Position distribution system along with a volumetric filler. Multi-Fill will showcase this new equipment at its PACK EXPO 2010 Booth E-6203 (Lakeside) in Chicago.

MPFD distribution systems are designed to meet the challenge of distributing hard-to-fill products -- such as cooked rice and pastas (short and long goods), vegetables, fruits, refrigerated salads -- into horizontal multi-lane conveying systems. From one filling head, the portions are distributed into 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 pouches or other types of containers, depending on the configuration of the pattern selected, at up to 12 to 15 cycles per minute.

They are custom build to accommodate various line configurations. This principle can also be applied to the in-feed supply of various vertical, pre-form type, pouch machines.
These systems replace either hand placing of the product into the containers or the need for multiple filling heads and they require less space on the line. The product is automatically placed cleanly into the container and thus minimizes seal contamination and rework. The systems are easy to disassemble and clean. No special tools are required for changeovers for improved downtime and production output.

The distribution systems can be used with our MPFSC fillers or as a stand alone unit in combination with multi-head scaling machines or other portioning systems such as rotary pocket fillers, vibrator feeders or counting machines.-- Multi-Fill Inc.

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