Dorner'sAquaGard sanitary stainless steel conveyor platform now comes with a center drive motor option.

Designed for the AquaGard 7360 Series, the center drive belt conveyor offers a longer belt life – as much as five times longer life span – than end drive models. That’s because the conveyor belt has more room to stretch with the additional belt take up available in the center drive unit. Plus, this cost-saving benefit is available with a maintenance free constant-stretch design. Additionally, the center drive provides added durability which means less wear and tear for longer belt life. Lastly, center drive conveyors allow for longer length conveyors all the way up to 83’, reducing the number of conveyors and drives required to move product long distances. 

For applications requiring more in-depth cleaning, the 7360 Series center drive conveyor opens up on both tail ends for enhanced access, and also comes with either a pneumatic or spring-loaded take-up mechanism to quickly tighten and secure the belt. Belt removal and cleaning time is more efficient thanks to the patented three-roller design that allows for quick access to the center drive.

Center drive conveyors are ideal for applications requiring small product transfers or interfaces at each end of the conveyor. With the motor in the center of the conveyor, both ends are freed up to allow for maximum clearance around the conveyor and smooth transfers with small nose bars – perfect for those tough-to-handle products like cookies. Another benefit is center drive allows for faster speeds and longer length conveyors than end drive conveyors. 

The AquaGard family of sanitary conveyors is a stainless steel line that offers maximum flexibility for a wide variety of products and applications, while increasing throughput and reducing product loss. The AquaGard 7630 center drive motor conveyor is a pre-engineered, standard product that keeps costs down while reducing long lead times and risk associated with custom conveyors.

Performance specifications and features of the AquaGard 7630 center drive conveyor include:

·    Loads up to 500 pounds
·    Belt speeds up to 300 feet per minute
·    Belt widths between 4” to 52”, in 2” increments
·    Conveyor lengths up to 83 feet long
·    Slave-driven powered transfer option available
·    TIG welded 304 stainless steel/anodized aluminum construction with an open design
·    V-guided belt compatible

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