Soley Biotechnology Institute, a biotechnology research institute based in El Sobrante, Calif., along with almost 500 scientists and nearly 2,000 staff members, developed an X-12 protection product, containing natural compounds by using nanotechnology, to make it possible to extend the shelf life of fresh cheeses by 3-10 times.

The X-12 induced water has the ability to cover the whole surface area of the cheese by creating a layer on it and preventing it from any decay. It does so by forming a barrier between the air and the surface of cheese. Also, there is no longer decay of cheese caused by storing it in brine water for too long.

X-12 product forms a matrix-like, gel-type binder solution to add organic preservatives and antioxidants. This way cheesemakers do not need to use high salinity brine for cheese protection/shelf-life issues. X-12 also protects the cheese from all kinds of fungi and bacteria and organizes the shape of cheese.

On the other hand, X-12 prevents from an abundance of unfortunate situations that affect the shelf life of cheese, including excessive absorption of water, shedding of outer surface of cheese, effects of light (UV and IR), loss of taste, loss of calcium and protein, rusting of cheese, early swelling and late swelling problems, faulty eye/hole formations and faulty skin/tissue formations.