The Baumer Group, Southington, Conn., introduced a highly sensitive version of its SmartReflect Light Barrier, what is said to be the first photoelectric light barrier to operate without a separate reflector or receiver. Because the high sensitivity SmartReflect picks up the tiniest changes in light intensity, it can detect highly transparent targets, including foils, bowls and bottles.

Available with IP69K-rated or standard plastic housings, SmartReflect light barriers create a closed light beam between the sensor and any background to detect target objects regardless of color, shape, transparency or surface texture. The high-sensitivity sensor is available in hygienic and washdown designs.

SmartReflect technology is ideal for automated food and beverage processing, packaging/materials handling or print and graphics sensing applications. In the food industry, the SmartReflect identifies the correct positioning of the items to be packaged.

These light barriers are easy to install and adjust, insensitive to dirt or washdown and are low maintenance.

The Baumer Group