Southington, Conn.-based Baumer introduced qTeach, an easy-to-use, wear-free teach procedure initiated by touching the housing of O500 series photoelectricBaumer QTeach sensors.

O500 optical sensors with qTeach feature no mechanical buttons or moving parts that can wear out, and are available on diffuse sensors with background suppression, SmartReflect reflector-free light barriers and retro-reflective sensors for reflective surfaces.

Additionally, O500 sensors with qTeach require no mechanical adjustment during setup. The teach-in process begins with a light touch to the housing using any ferromagnetic tool, such as a screwdriver. Touch the housing to enter the teach procedure, align the desired sensing condition and touch the housing to teach.

A blue LED on the sensor provides clear optical feedback during the teach procedure, blinking to indicate when the user has activated teach mode and when the teach function has been completed. To prevent inadvertent reprogramming in the field, qTeach automatically locks out after five minutes of operation.

The Baumer Group