Locus Traxx, a food safety and logistics firm based in Jupiter, Fla., is expanding into a new 60,000-square-foot facility in the Florida Research Park. The move is in response to grower/shippers, wholesalers, retailers and transportation providers who are increasingly concerned about the safety of their perishables shipments.

The company’s OverSight system uses wireless RFID SmartTag sensors, SmartTraxx combination tag readers, GPS and cellular technology modules and cloud-based maps and reporting to provide real-time information on shipment temperature, door security and location for shipments of dairy products and other perishable items. Customers have continuous access to the status of their shipments on the road, and can receive automated alerts via text and email whenever a shipment temperature, door security or location security issue requires immediate attention. 24/7 support is provided to further enhance food safety.

“Access to fresh produce is one of the best ways for consumers to stay healthy,” says David Benjamin, president and CEO. “Maintaining proper shipment temperatures is essential to keeping perishable food shipments fresh and safe. Our goal is to make more fresh and healthy food available by providing our customers with an economical way to prevent damage to their shipments.”

The expansion will add 100 new employees.