The LiquiMaster is a continuous-motion bag maker featuring a stainless-steel washdown sanitary design and rugged construction designed specifically to withstand the harsh environments found in liquid operations.

This machine incorporates a squeeze roller module that cleans the sealing area after filling, enabling it to deliver bags with excellent seal integrity. The squeeze station also removes air from the bag, which minimizes head space, reduces film usage and allows the machine to produce consistent bags for trouble-free case packing.

Available in three sizes, it can run small portion bags up to 5-gallon ones without film supplier restrictions at up to 100 pillow bags per minute. With precise filling accuracies and an easy-access open design for changeovers, cleaning and maintenance, this all-servo machine can handle hot or cold liquid and viscous and solid products such as soups, sauces, dressings, condiments, meats and vegetables in single, dual or multi-component fills.

Black Forest Packaging Solutions