Romer Labs, Union, Mo., and Germany’s ifp Institut für Produktqualität launched a new product line for enzymatic food analysis called EnzymeFast, which transfers traditional enzymatic methods to a microtitre plate kit format.

Enzymatic food analysis is a basic method used for the measurement of compounds such as sugars, acids, alcohols and other metabolites in foods and beverages. The high specificity of enzyme reactions allows for the analysis of food components in complex matrices.

Results give information on the nutrients, authenticity and hygienic status of foods. For example, levels of sugars are crucial for consumers suffering from intolerances and the presence of certain metabolites indicates a lack of hygiene during production. It also detects whether food has been tampered with using enzymatic methods.

The EnzymeFast microtitre plate test kits employ highly purified and specific enzymes in a convenient and high-throughput format that allows the rapid and economic testing of different kinds of foods and beverages.

Romer Labs, Inc.