Jamison Door Co., Hagerstown, Md., opened its fourth door manufacturing plant in joint venture with B.M.P. Doors. The Italy-based plant is dedicated to the making of high-speed fabric roll-up doors, however the intent is to bring in all of B.M.P.’s broad line of fabric and steel coiling doors under one roof.  

“We are very pleased and feel very fortunate to form a joint venture with a wonderful company like B.M.P.,” says John Williams, president and chairman of the Jamison group. “Principle owner of B.M.P. Italy, Danilo Benotto, is the newest creative driving force in the fabric roll-up industry, and we look forward to his innovative designs as well as his innovative manufacturing approach.  Our shared culture of quality and commitment to the customers and customer service has allowed us to quickly ‘gel’ into a high-quality manufacturing company at very competitive prices.”