Organic fresh produce grower and shipper Organic Alliance Inc., Salinas, Calif., announced two personnel appointments. The company's board said President & COO Parker Booth has been promoted to CEO effective Dec. 1. He assumes the title from company Chairman Tom Morrison, who remains as chairman.

Separately, the company said it named Christopher White as director, global supply chain development. In his new position, White will be responsible for expanding Organic Alliance’s international producer network, contract negotiation, quality control screening, certification compliance, export/import logistics and overseeing Organic Alliance’s innovative producer development initiative.

Refrigerated and frozen foods could be a target acquisition area for Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. The New York City-based company said it wants to expand of its distributor network and organizational growth through additional product acquisitions, strategic alliances, and joint ventures. As part of this growth strategy, management has identified several potential acquisition targets that if acquired will help substantially grow revenues and increase its products distribution.

CEO Michael J. Friedman commented: "Management is focused on sustainable growth; we are using several strategies which we believe will benefit the company and its shareholders in the long term. Fresh Harvest intends to increase future revenues by expanding the distribution of existing product offerings and adding innovative products to our portfolio through both product development, product and brand acquisitions; as well as continuing to seek out strategic alliance and joint venture partners who serve the natural and organic health food and beverage marketplace."

Fresh Harvest offers a line of organic snack products and beverages, which include health bars, coffee bars, and salsa under the Wings of Nature name and beverages under the TeAloe name. In addition, Fresh Harvest provides a grocery product line, which includes several varieties of whole bean and ground coffees, and beverages.