What are today's top comfort foods? Consumers say they are turning more toward such artisan pies, meatloaf and "new" casseroles. That was one assessment from "Generational Comfort Foods," a new study by the Center for Culinary Development (CCD), San Francisco, and Packaged Facts, New York, N.Y.

The story was reported by Karlene Lukovitz with MediaPost CommmunicationsMarketing Daily.

Using a national online survey (with 3,700 respondents), CCD looked, in part, at current comfort food trends. Study authors say more people are turning to ...

...breakfast for dessert.Gen Yers and others are turning more to boxed cereals for dessert, along with "glamorized" versions of waffles and donuts.

...madeover meatloaf. Regional restaurants, diners and sandwich shops are showcasing meatloaf with fuller flavors and natural or leaner meats. Boomers prefer healthier versions while Gen Yers are attracted to bolder taste variations.

... artisan pies. Specialty cafes and restaurants are showcasing new fresh, homemade specialty pies

...Asian curries. Gen Y and Gen X consumers are gravitating toward these flavors in one-pot dishes. Branded food processors are including curries with new simmer sauces, curry meal kits and frozen entrees.

..."new" casseroles. New offerings replace processed ingredients with fresh ones -- including vegetables and such "contemporary" proteins as turkey, crab and shrimp.

...mac and cheese. Today's latest offerings showcase natural and organic ingredients, as well as other flavor twists.