Cinnamon roll bakery cafe operatorCinnabon, Atlanta, is considering expanded breakfast and lunch menus, according to a report byNation's Restaurant News(NRN). President Gary Bales toldNRN that Cinnabon's Houston stores will test sales of egg sandwiches in the morning and panini-type sandwiches at lunch. Both tests will run in August and September.

Bales toldNRN, “In the malls we compete with fast feeders and we want to step above that while remaining affordable. We think this will work well as a light lunch or snack alternative. What we’ve found is that people, because of health consciousness, are looking for non-sweet snack occasions. We think we can fit the bill with some of these products.”

The nation's largest school foodservice pizza supplier,Schwan's Food Service Inc., Marshall, Minn., said it has eliminated between 15 percent and 25 percent of the sodium in its Big Daddy's pizzas -- in time for school foodservice programs this fall. Michael Wiser, Schwan's senior marketing director, announced the sodium reduction news during the School Nutrition Association's recent annual convention. Wiser noted that Schwan's exceeded its original sodium reduction goal (a 10-percent cut) and that this year's line is out a full year earlier than projected.

Product developers used less sodium and / or substituted sea salt in their pizza reformulations, officials said.