Energy efficient steam generator powers Seabrook Brothers frozen vegetable processing.

Know your classic cartoons? One of the most beloved involves Popeye, a sailor for whom spinach was a source of instant strength. Then there’s the story of Seabrook Brothers and Sons Inc., a frozen spinach and vegetable processor that also needed some extra, instant strength.

Founded in 1912 by Charles F. Seabrook, this Seabrook, N.J., company has become one of the nation’s leading frozen vegetable processors. Today, a fourth generation of the Seabrook family processes and freezes 150 million pounds of vegetables in the Garden State each year.

Many East Coast shoppers associate Seabrook Farms with crisp frozen green beans and frozen creamed spinach. Today, a large part of the company’s business also involves contract vegetable processing and freezing for other manufacturers.

Quality already is a top concern when it’s your family’s name on the label. To grow and have contract customers put their faith in your quality as well – meant Seabrook needed to step up its operations even more.

In advance of greater contract processing volume, Seabrook Brothers realized that it would have to get ahead of the industry curve and find ways to process and freeze higher quantities faster and more efficiently. It was time to upgrade the boilers it used for flash steaming, cooking and freezing.

That’s when Seabrook turned to high efficiency steam generators from Clayton Industries, a City of Industry, Calif.

“These steam generators could do what no boiler could – bring steam up to the right temperature so quickly that the quality of the fresh vegetables never became compromised,” says Wes Seabrook, Seabrook’s owner and vice president of engineering.

Clayton Sales Engineer Timothy Kevill says the steam generator guarantees the highest fuel-to-steam efficiency, is compact in size and extraordinarily fast. He also notes that comparative fuel costs are lower, steam generator start-ups are “immediate” and that Seabrook can achieve its required vegetable steam temperature of 200