Pizza for breakfast? Why not! Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich., says its new Eggo Real Fruit Pizzas are "an all-in-one combination of fruit and warm toasted granola on an oven-baked cinnamon and maple-flavored crust."

Two new varieties are Strawberry Granola and Mixed Berry Granola. The crusts are topped with combinations of real fruit and granola. Kellogg says the products are ready to eat after just a minute in the microwave.

Officials note that cereal, snack and energy bars, fruit and yogurt are gaining popularity. Those types of convenient, healthful and flavorful products inspired Kellogg's development work.

"Eggo Real Fruit Pizzas will satisfy consumers' desire for great taste, convenience and variety," says Michael Allen, president of Kellogg Frozen Foods. "Innovation and meeting consumers' needs are a key focus of the Eggo brand. Eggo has a history of introducing innovative, new products that provide a convenient, great-tasting way to start your day, as data shows that this new product meets growing demands for new convenient breakfast options."