ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston is redefining the fresh-cut fry category with all-natural House Cut Fries.

ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston, Richland, Wash., is redefining the fresh-cut fry category with all-natural House Cut Fries.

Sliced from the finest potatoes with the skin on, House Cut Fries are made to cook up with the taste, texture and appearance of fries prepared back-of-house. These fries eliminate size and quality issues associated with restaurants and foodservice establishments preparing fries from fresh potatoes.

“House Cut Fries are made to the exacting specifications operators have come to expect from us,” says Scott Parrish, marketing manager. “And they can help operators manage costs. When you factor in labor, waste and yield associated with cutting fries from raw potatoes, House Cut Fries are a great option.”

House Cut Fries are available in three cuts – regular, thin and shoestring – and have 0 grams trans-fat per serving.

Meanwhile,Sweet Things Seasoned RibCutSweet Potato Fries are ¾-inch wide profile fries that are specially cut with evenly spaced ridges, designed for operators to serve as a second fry offering, signature fry, appetizer or specialty snack.

“Restaurant patrons across the country are enjoying and demanding the great taste of sweet potatoes,” says Karen Garcia, marketing manger. “We’re fulfilling that demand with a variety of products, including our newRibCutfries. They are a perfect fit for a variety of menu styles, and can help drive business. We’ve found that consumers are willing to pay a premium for sweet potato fries, and are more likely to visit restaurants that serve them.”

Sweet Things Seasoned RibCut Sweet Potato Fries are coated with a proprietary seasoned batter and offer operators the ability to serve with signature sauces.