"Not just a berry. It's a lifestyle." That's how Acai Roots, San Diego, talks about its frozen fruit smoothie pouch offerings. Having debuted with a frozen Acai unsweetened smoothie pack, Acai Roots is now back with its second offering, a new Brazilian Style Energy Blend, featuring both Acai and Guarana fruits.

Officials say the products will be available nationwide at retail in four, 3.5-ounce bags that carry a suggested retail of $5.99. Each pouch contains natural acai fruit pulp and guarana seed extract and may be used for smoothies or simply consumed as a premium fruit bar

"This new product takes us back to our roots, since it literally recreates the experience people have with acai in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where acai is normally blended with guarana," says Marco Rega, Acai Roots co-founder and director of sales.