If you don't won't to go out the restaurant -- why not bring the restaurant to you? Sara Lee Corp., Downers Grove, Ill., says new Hillshire Farm Gourmet Creations premium smoked sausage delivers chef-inspired flavors in a convenient at-home format.

“We listened to our consumers, and they told us that they are looking for new options to create great tasting meals at home that are both delicious and affordable,” said Daryl Gormley, Hillshire Farm brand general manager. “As more consumers are opting to dine in, Hillshire Farm wanted to introduce a product that simplifies the process of creating meals with a sophisticated flair right at home. Hillshire Farm Gourmet Creations meet consumers’ increased desires for unique flavor profiles that can be used in various recipes to create restaurant gourmet dinners without the hefty price tag.”

Sara Lee says more than half of Americans say they have gone a year without dining out, perhaps in part due to the economy, according to a U.S. Census Bureau 2012 data.

Officials say new Gourmet Creations items offer versatility -- suitable for everything from a simple, savory supper to a dinner party. They suggest Hillshire Farm Gourmet Creations can be tossed in a skillet with olive oil and favorite vegetables; added to a hearty jambalaya; or mixed in with a favorite pasta or rice recipe to create satisfying meals.

Sara Lee offers the following product descriptions:

Chicken Apple smoked sausage with Gouda Cheese: A savory chicken sausage made with gouda cheese and sweet apples adds the perfect combination of sweet and savory to any meal.

Beef & Bacon smoked sausage with Monterey Jack Cheese: A premium beef sausage accented with smoky bacon and just the right amount of Monterey jack cheese. Perfect for those who love traditional meat and cheese flavor profiles.

Beef & Jalapeno with Monterey Jack Cheese: A premium beef sausage with just the right kick of jalapeno and Monterey jack cheese. Ideal for spicing up any traditional smoked sausage meal.

Sweet Italian Style with Peppers and Mozzarella Cheese: A premium pork sausage featuring traditional Italian seasonings coupled with the perfect sweet zest of tasty peppers and delicious mozzarella cheese. A must-have addition for traditional pasta dishes.

Sara Lee says its latest television spot for Hillshire Farm (launched on Feb. 13) fshowcases the product’s range of flavors that includes a balance of tasty spices and ingredients.