Smithfield Foods, Inc. released a detailed report of its sustainability results for fiscal 2012 on its newly updated website, This siteEckrich bacon is dedicated to sharing information regarding the core sustainability programs critical to Smithfield Foods' business.

The Smithfield, Va., company is making significant progress towards its core sustainability goals and targets. Among the 2012 highlights are:

• Each independent operating company introduced new packaging reduction projects;
• Normalized greenhouse gas emissions were down 11% since fiscal 2008;
• 100% of facilities dedicated to producing meat for human consumption were certified to the Global Food Safety Initiative;
• Contributions of more than $1.2 million were made to education programs that benefit Smithfield Foods' employees and their children; and
• 2012 was Smithfield's second most profitable year, topped only by 2011.

"At Smithfield Foods, we believe that being transparent about our sustainability goals and achievements is absolutely critical to demonstrating that we are a responsible business. Posting our annual results—whether good or bad—shows our commitment to producing good food responsibly," says Dennis Treacy, executive vice president and chief sustainability officer. "We release each year's sustainability report and post the results on to ensure accountability. We are proud of our results, and believe they serve as evidence of our performance over time and relative to others in our industry."

The company's sustainability program is built around six pillars—animal care, employees, environment, food safety and quality, helping communities and, new this year, value creation, which allows Smithfield Foods to explore the relationship between the sustainability commitments of the original five pillars and the company's goal of consistently delivering strong financial performance. 

"What we have seen is that ensuring good animal health, promoting educational programs in local schools, donating food to those in need and creating jobs not only advances our sustainability performance, but also adds value throughout the company," Treacy says.