The new UltraStore Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) from Integrated Systems Design, Wixom, Mich., provides up to 85% space savings forUltraStore ASRS refrigerated and frozen food items, cases, pallets and custom materials with unique sizes and dimensions. The ASRS provides organizations with a fast ROI, focus on reliability and a quick delivery and implementation time.

The UltraStore ASRS provides cost-effective operation by using surface-mounted track-and-guide system. This design not only reduces installation time, but allows the system to be easily relocated in the future.

The Perfect-Uptime option allows the UltraStore system to be productive even during down times, including scheduled maintenance periods. This manual system helps assure that the stored items are accessible at all times for maximum reliability.

Easy-to-use controls and human machine interface allows the system to be up and running quickly and easily with minimum training and virtually no operator interaction. The crane immediately moves down the lane while positioning the shuttle to the proper height. The crane stops at the correct position and the shuttle inserts or extracts the stored material and brings it back down to the operator area. Here the item can be moved onto awaiting forklifts, conveyor systems or workstations for ergonomic operations.

The UltraStore ASRS is available in a wide range of standard and special sizes and capacities with load positions ranging from 10-60 inches in width, 18-96 inches in depth and up to 2,000 pounds and a wide variety of load handlers to meet most refrigerated and frozen food requirements.

Integrated Systems Design, a subsidiary of Andersen Material Handling