Valley Proteins, Winchester, Va., acquired the Perdue Agribusiness rendering business, which includes existing supply agreements with Perdue processing facilities and two rendering facilities located in Accomac, Va., and Lewiston, N.C. Previously operated by Perdue Fats & Proteins, LLC, these plants will join the extensive network of Valley Proteins rendering facilities.

The two newly‐acquired rendering facilities will continue to recycle animal byproducts into quality fats and proteins used in the manufacture of animal feed ingredients.

“We are excited about our latest acquisition, and are confident that we will continue to provide excellent service to Perdue’s current customers,” says Gerald Smith Jr., president of Valley Proteins. “These facilities will also allow us to better serve Valley Proteins’ customers in these areas. We are pleased to have a capable staff at these plants, and expect to retain their services as we move forward. As always, we are committed to being a good corporate neighbor in the communities in which we operate by positively contributing to their economies and protecting the environment.”