Perdue Premium Meat Co., Inc., Salisbury, Md., announced plans to acquire Panorama Meats.

Panorama’s nearly 50 independent family ranchers raise U.S. born cattle spanning seven states and 1 million acres of USDA-certified organic grasslands in Northern California, Southern Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Colorado.

“Perdue Premium Meat Co. brings long-term stability and shared resources that will help our business continue to grow,” says Lori Carrion, chief executive officer of Panorama Meats. “Working alongside great brands like Niman Ranch and Coleman Natural, we will be able to invest in our future and expand our reach, so more people have access to organic American grass-fed beef raised by independent family farmers committed to stewarding our country’s valuable rangelands.”

Panorama Meats prides on its humane animal care, commitment to traditional ranching practices and conservation efforts of America’s grasslands.

“We are honored to welcome the leader in U.S. grass-fed and finished beef into our family of specialty brands. As the premium meat division of Perdue Foods grows with a collection of best-in-class, iconic U.S. family farmer and rancher-based businesses, customers and consumers will have greater trust in their meat choices,” says Jeff Tripician, president of Perdue. “Panorama’s experienced team has proven, since their launch in 2002, to be savvy business leaders who have used their platform to drive their values, including preserving rangeland, supporting organic practices and providing economic opportunities for family ranchers. Perdue Premium Meat Co. specifically identified Panorama as a perfect fit to enter the organic grass-finished business, and will do everything we can to help them continue to thrive.”

Panorama will remain in its Woodland, Calif., location, and will continue to be led by its long-standing leadership team and staff.

“We’ve looked at what Niman Ranch has built over time and how Perdue Farms has worked with them since their acquisition in 2015, and knew it would be a wonderful partnership,” says Carrion. “Today’s announcement is a continued commitment to our ranchers and customers with the same focus on sustainability and pastured agriculture for generations to come.”