Glory Foods, Columbus, Ohio, and Monogram Food Solutions, Memphis, Tenn., paired up to introduce new Southern-style meat products—Smoked Sausage andGlory Foods smoked sausage Cocktail Links.

"We, at Glory Foods, believe that now is the opportune time to present our sausage products to the market because consumer interest in Southern foods continues to grow," says Dan Charna, vice president of operations for Glory Foods. "With the expertise of Monogram Food Solutions, Glory Foods introduces sausage with special Southern seasonings that complement our canned and bagged vegetables. Consumers can now ‘link’ to another side of our flavorful personality."

The Cocktail Links come pre-cooked in Original and Spicy Red Hot varieties, while the Smoked Sausage comes in Hot Smoked and Original Smoked options. Both boast a suggested retail price of $2.59-2.99 for a 14-ounce package of cocktail links and a 16- and 28-ounce package of smoked sausage.

Both products are available at select supermarkets.