BERICAP, Cowpens, S.C., introduced a 33-millimeter 1-piece double-seal closure for milk and cream.Bericap Arla milk jug

The new packaging formats revamps 1-liter PET bottles at the expense of 1-liter gable top cartons, and protects plain milk and cream against the so-called “light” taste, thus maintaining the natural milk taste during the time of shelf life.

The DoubleSeal DS 33/12 is equipped with a folded tamper-evident band for safe breaking, as well as a specific design of the sealing lip for tight sealing to ensure product integrity. The DoubleSeal DS 33/12, currently used on PET bottles can be well decontaminated with all standard decontamination methods for aseptic filling. After adaptation, it is feasible to use that closure also on HDPE bottles.