Individually, appetizers such as egg rolls, side dishes such as French fries and snacks such as bite-sized meatballs are armored with the right ingredients and flavor profiles to take over the industry. But together, they pose as an even bigger threat, teaming up to take over the refrigerated and frozen food aisles.

Captain snack. Home Market Foods, Norwood, Mass., introduced Cooked Perfect Bites frozen snacks, which are breaded snacks made with all-white chicken. They are high in protein, made with high-quality ingredients and come in Buffalo Style Chicken, Honey BBQ Chicken and Cheesy Chicken options.

Koch Foods, Park Ridge, Ill., expanded its Snack Cravers product line to include boneless chicken chunks accompanied by two mix-and-match sauces, giving consumers multiple sauce selections, including BBQ and Orange or Spicy Buffalo & Ranch.

The sides man. Alexia Foods, Eagle, Idaho, debuted Crispy Seasoned Potato Puffs, made with the finest all-natural ingredients and seasoned with a blend of roasted garlic, cracked black pepper, sour cream and chives.

J.R. Simplot Co., Boise, Idaho, redefined the French fry experience with the launch of CravOn, what is said to be the first “never fried” frozen French fry geared to the retail market. These fries are partially cooked in a blanching process, and then tossed with olive oil and sea salt before being frozen. They come in Ripple Cut, Steak Cut, Diamond Cut and Anytime Diced varieties.

Beaverton, Ore.-based Reser’s combined two of America’s favorite foods—bacon and Ranch dressing—to elevate its classic pasta salad. Sold under the American Classics brand, Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad blends Hidden Valley Original Ranch Seasoning Mix with crisp bacon, mini penne pasta and zesty seasonings.

The Ore-Ida potatoes that American families have loved for 60 years are now grill-ready, and were voted No. 3 in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ Top 5 Readers’ Choice Best New Products.

Appetizers make an impact. Butterball, Garner, N.C., introduced Butterball Every Day Recipe Starters Frozen Turkey Meatballs, created with simple, natural ingredients. The frozen turkey meatballs are fully cooked and ready to eat in 15 minutes or less, offering the taste and texture of a traditional, homemade meatball but with 30% less fat than the leading meatball. The meatballs start with fresh, lean ground Butterball turkey and are seasoned to perfection.

Saffron Road, Stamford, Conn., rolled out new phyllo hors d’oeuvres for the freezer section, available in Dates, Tamarind & Walnuts, Turkish Figs & Goat Cheese, Crispy Samosas with Saag Paneer and Crispy Samosas with Vegetables.

Delimex, a brand of H.J. Heinz Co., Pittsburgh, now produces Fruit Taquitos, what are said to be the only nationally available fruit taquitos on the market. Delimex Fruit Taquitos are made using high-quality ingredients, all snugly wrapped in freshly made corn and flour tortillas. They come in Apple Cinnamon and Cherry.

SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls, produced by SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co., St. Simons Island, Ga., are quick and simple to heat and eat. And, were voted No. 4 in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ Top 5 Readers’ Choice Best New Products.

Kahiki Foods, Gahanna, Ohio, cooked up new frozen egg rolls, available in Vegetable, Chicken and Pork varieties. Made with only all-natural ingredients, each egg roll is stuffed from end-to-end with crispy cabbage, crunchy carrots and perfectly seasoned meats.

The iron ladle. Phillips Foods, Baltimore, Md., now offers four classic seafood soups, available in frozen, single-serve 10-ounce microwaveable bowls. Made from premium ingredients and proteins, these Soups for One are microwaveable in five minutes, and can be eaten directly out of the bowl it comes in. Varieties include Cream of Crab (a thick-bodied creamy base with wild-caught crab meat), New England Clam Chowder (classic cream-based soup with wild-caught U.S. clams), Maryland Style Vegetable Crab (an Eastern Shore favorite with wild-caught crab meat) and Lobster Bisque (made with real cream and butter in a savory base).

Oregon Seafoods, Coos Bay, Ore., introduced six soups and sauces to complement its Sea Fare Pacific brand offerings. The new 9-ounce Sea Fare Pacific seafood pouch products come in West Coast Cioppino, Smoked Salmon Chowder and Seafood Bisque, as well as three albacore curries—Red, Yellow and Green.

Together, today’s snacks, appetizers and side dishes provide a powerhouse of unstoppable innovation.

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