Boulder Brands, Inc., Boulder, Colo., signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Byrne Dairy, Lafayette, N.Y., its current co-packer for Smart Balance Milk. Under Smart Balance milkthe terms of the agreement, Byrne will exclusively distribute and market Smart Balance Milk; Boulder Brands will receive royalty payments.

“This agreement demonstrates our commitment to further strengthening Smart Balance’s profitability and its core portfolio of products, while strategically positioning Smart Balance Milk for future growth,” says Steve Hughes, chairman and CEO. “Boulder Brands entered into a co-packing agreement with Byrne Dairy over four years ago, and has developed a strong partnership. Byrne Dairy is one of the most successful and innovative companies in the dairy industry, has a strong base business in our most established markets, and as a result, we believe Smart Balance Milk is in good hands.”

“We are thrilled to include Smart Balance Milk in our growing portfolio of brands, as the business is transitioned to Byrne Dairy,” says Carl Byrne, president and CEO of Byrne Dairy. “We expect the collaboration between Byrne Dairy and Smart Balance will bring supply chain efficiencies and accelerate the growth for the Smart Balance Milk business.”