Elecktron Technology, Cypress, Calif., debuted its new Checkit wireless food safety monitoring solution.Checkit fridge

Designed to dramatically speed up time-consuming and costly Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) processes and help reduce foodborne illness, this fully-digital and automated system eliminates the need for paper-based manual checks and report generation. It also sends alerts to PCs, tablets or smartphones if there is a problem.

Checkit is simple to install and can be up and running within 30 minutes. Smart wireless sensors ensure 24x7 monitoring of temperature, humidity and door status for hot/cold food storage equipment in foodservice areas, while flexible hand-held units collect food temperature and hygiene data at the press of a button to reduce the risk of human error. All data is time-stamped and downloaded to a centralized database, which automatically generates food safety compliance reports, along with a full audit trail. 

The modular system is fully scalable for any type of food operation, from a single local site to multi-site operations, using intuitive web-based software to configure, monitor and manage the complete network from one location. All food safety data is centrally stored and archived for trend analysis and food storage optimization, providing a full audit trail in case of site inspections or future investigations. 

Elektron Technology