The Bühler Group launched what is said to be its most advanced high-capacity optical sorter yet. Buhler Sortex MultiVision

Equipped with industry-leading,custom-designed Multivision camera technology, the SORTEX A MultiVision is designed to deliver exceptional yield through superior defect and foreign material detection. It excels in the most difficult of dry commodity food sorting applications, including nuts, seeds, coffee and grain.

This enhanced inspection system, with its four wave-lengthvisible and infraredtechnologyand PROfile shapedetection technologyidentifiescolor defects not possible with traditional RGB technologies. The five chute design provides processors with maximum sort configuration flexibility, providing both re-sort and simultaneous sort on the same machine. This delivers superior efficiency and productivity, with sort capacities of up to 15 ton per hour, dependent on the commodity and application.Sophisticated dust management, including sealed optical and control boxes protecting essential components from dust, minimize downtime and increase hourly capacity and yield. Low power and low air consumption, along with long-life, high-speed ejectors, further reduce operational and maintenance costs.

BühlerSortex, Inc.