Serco Co., Carrollton, Texas, introduced the Serco Thermal Guard Package, the ultimate energy and security seal for climate-controlled loading docks. This package Serco vertical dock doorsallows truck doors to be opened from inside the building after the truck is positioned at the door without breaking a thermal seal at the dock.

The Thermal Guard Package includes an enhanced hinged bottom draft pad, bumper covers and extended bumper gussets (to work with 10-foot wide doors) to provide greater sealing capability, as well as an extra dock bumper mounted on the face of the dock to better protect the building.

Other design benefits include:

• Helps protect the integrity of the building’s thermal envelope since the cold air inside a refrigerated trailer or building is not lost in the open air outside the building.

• Provides higher security since the trailer seals are broken inside of the building instead of in the driveway or before the trailer is secured at the dock, decreasing the risk of shrinkage.

• Increases efficiency of logistics since trailers can be staged at dock doors for service at a later date or time, without having to move trailers again in order to open the doors.

To learn more about the Thermal Guard Package and other energy-efficient doors, check out the Energy Management section of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ September 2013 issue.

Serco Co.