American Aerogel, Rochester, N.Y., developed Aerocore vacuum insulated panels (VIPs), which are high-performance insulation that possesses the highest American Aerogel insulationcommercially available R-Value (R50 per inch) and prevents different types of heat transfer.

Originally developed for shipping sensitive biopharmaceuticals, Aerocore VIPs have been implemented and tested in insulated trailers. Increase in insulation performance means less fuel, less maintenance, increased longevity and increased internal height, width and length.

Aerocore VIPs are only ½- or 1-inch thick, providing better insulation than 2- to 4-inch thick of standard insulation, polyurethane. Implementing VIPs throughout a refrigerated trailer significantly reduces energy consumption and duty cycles, which not only decreases fuel costs, but also operation and maintenance costs. In addition, the slim Aerocore VIPs can increase internal dimensions by 6 inches in every direction, allowing for increased capacity and even backhaul capacity for dry goods. Aerocore VIPs do not absorb water and have a projected 15-year lifespan.

To learn more about the Aerocore VIPs and how they play a role in improving a supply chain, check out the Supply Chain & Logistics section of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ September 2013 issue, which includes a column from Robert Mendenhall, founder of American Aerogel.

American Aerogel Corp.