The HULK Series Zero Lift from Kelley, Carrollton, Texas, is designed to lift palleted materials from ground level to an ergonomic working height without the need of a forklift or other heavy equipment. The lift lowers to ground level for easy loading of wheeled carts or pallets with just a pallet jack, and provides users with an ergonomic solution to increase safety and overall operational efficiency. Kelley Co

The HULK Zero Lift offers a versatile solution for safely lifting items inside the facility by bringing the work to the worker. Lift tables not only increase a factory's productivity, but they also reduce worker fatigue and drastically decrease the risk of serious back injuries and damaged goods. Kelley Zero Lifts are surface mounted, not requiring any pit construction that can cause damage to production floors and worse, downtime during production.

The Zero Lift, available in 2,000- to 4,000-pound capacities, is a fully powered unit built to provide consistently reliable operation thanks in part to the self-lubricating bushings with hardened chrome pins for pivot points. Positioning is provided using a push button control (NEMA 4X) and 115 Volt controls with a 10-foot cable and a UL-approved electrical panel.

Kelley Co.