CDF Corp. is cutting its energy costs with a solar power system from Independence Solar, Cherry Hill, N.J.

Since 1971, CDF has been an industry leader in sustainable packaging and environmental awareness. Investing in solar electricity is another step CDF is taking to become 100% sustainable.

Initially, CDF invested in 8,200 solar panels for the Cheer Pack manufacturing facility in West Bridgewater, Mass. With that success, Independence Solar installed 2,500 solar panels at CDF’s headquarters in Plymouth, Mass. The solar panels generate approximately 20% of the electricity used for manufacturing. On weekends and holidays, when CDF is not in operation, the power goes out to the grid to be used by other companies in the Plymouth area.

Solar electricity is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for the company. It is keeping our costs down,” says Mark Kasberg, chief financial officer.