Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods, Elmwood Park, N.J., launched three new seasonally inspired veggie pancakes—Roasted Corn, Root Vegetable and Zucchini & Dr Praegers veggie pancakesCarrot.

Available exclusively at Whole Foods nationwide, each all-natural, kosher-certified pancake incorporates the finest ingredients with an assortment of harvest flavors, making them a convenient option for customers looking to create tasty and sensible holiday dishes.

“Given our family and company heritage, we thought this was a fun opportunity to celebrate and create some seasonal offerings,” says Larry Praeger, chief executive officer. “These pancakes incorporate a lot of the harvest vegetables and tastes associated with traditional holiday meals. We’re excited to offer a tasty, healthy and convenient twist on these seasonal dishes.”

The Root Vegetable kind is like a “better-for-you” cranberry stuffing in the shape of a pancake, featuring a mix of beets, cranberries and quinoa with rutabaga, potatoes, celery and sweet potatoes.

Roasted Corn Cakes combine roasted corn with roasted garlic, leeks, cilantro and chipotle.

And, the Zucchini & Carrot variety features two harvest favorites.

The new pancakes boast a suggested retail price of $4.99 per box of six, individually wrapped patties.