Tetra Pak, Vernon Hills, Ill., launched two new products to support the processing of prepared foods, including fruit preparations, soups and sauces, tomato Tetra Pak Albatchproducts and desserts.

The Tetra Albatch 1, for instance, is a processing tank for fruit preparation production and pre-treatment of foods before they are transferred to a continuous production process. Featuring a unique helix-shaped agitator with scraping blades, Tetra Albatch 1 ensures gentle treatment of the product, maintaining high particle integrity while ensuring even distribution. It is suitable for a range of temperatures and is applicable for a wide variety of prepared foods, from high to low viscosity and both smooth and particulate products.

Tetra Pak’s new high hygiene tank creates a buffer to compensate for differences in capacity between pasteurizers and fillers. High standards of product quality and safety are maintained inside the tank, with sterile air flowing over the product to prevent contamination, separate inlets and outlets to minimize product retention time and slow paddle-type agitation to protect particle integrity and ensure even distribution.

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