Unifiller Systems, a global leader in cake production equipment and a subsidiary of the Linxis Group of Companies, introduces its Sheet Cake Icing Line (SKIL), which is designed for industrial bakeries looking to automate the assembly, filling, and icing process for sheet cakes for both frozen and fresh applications.

The bakery industry is currently facing a shortage of available labor due to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and due to long term factors that include an aging workforce, fewer people entering the trade, a lack of trained candidates, and government policies that impact staff accessibility. This makes the SKIL Line a perfect addition for bakery plants looking for automation solutions to increase throughput and fortify a reduced staff.

This all-in-one sheet cake decorating line was designed and built with speed, accuracy, and efficiency in mind to help bakery manufacturers streamline their labor. The SKIL’s computer-controlled system can store up to 100 recipes and custom production speeds, icing up to 10 sheet cakes a minute. For base, top, and side icing, its servo depositors provide optimal spread control and reduce the need for manual touch-ups. If you freeze your cake layers before assembly, be sure to give them some time to thaw, so that the buttercream can fix itself to the layers. A frozen cake may be too immovable to work with the blanket or mid-fill function. 

According to Steven Belyea, Applications Manager at Unifiller, “Labor-related issues can be one of the biggest challenges for industrial bakeries. Customers looking to increase throughput rely on the typical fix, which is to add labor. This will result in more hands touching the product, greater inconsistencies with the final product, and people working within closer proximity to one another. Customers who have installed our Sheet Cake Icing Line have been able to reduce a large portion of their labor or repurpose it to other areas of the plant while simultaneously increasing the quality of their product and overall throughput.”

Key customers who have purchased the SKIL from Unifiller have been able to significantly reduce staff and decrease cake assembly time and have seen a ROI within 6 months to a year.

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Nutec Manufacturing offers the 710 Forming System in two models, the 710/45 and the 710/60, to better fit processor production requirements. Both models feature 100% mechanical drive and forming processes. They also provide exceptional weight control for a wide variety of product types. 

The two models offer a fixed rate of 45 strokes or variable 45 – 60 strokes per minute respectively, and can produce from 2,700 to 3,600 portions per hour. Multiple fill systems are available to match your product blend.

The Nutec 710 Forming System is the perfect fit for small processors. Both models are easy to operate and maintain without a dedicated maintenance mechanic. The small footprint allows the machine to be moved easily and tooling changes can be accomplished in only a few minutes.

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