Heat and Control introduced the Micron-Pro cooking oil filter, designed by Filtration Automation. Ideal for producing meatballs, batter-breaded foods and other products, the Micron-Pro uses no additives, paper or consumable filter media. Plus, it filters particles of hot oil down to sub-micron size at rates from 65-125 gallons a minute, all while quickly removing fines from the oil, filtering to minimize burning and freeing fatty acid formation. Up to 98% of the oil can be recovered from filtered particles, depending on debris type. Fines are automatically discharged from the filter with no operator intervention. Other features include low-pressure operation, minimal moving parts and no costly centrifuge, bellows or conveyorized screens. 

Heat and Control


Lyco Manufacturing introduced what is said to be the most sanitary self-cleaning continuous cooker in the world. Designed for applications involving pasta, vegetables, rice, fruit, potatoes, meat, poultry and seafood, the Lean Clean-Flow consists of a hot zone that blanches, cooks, rehydrates or pasteurizes, and a cool zone that cools product from 200°F to 70°F in seconds. The basic construction begins with a self-cleaning wedge-wire screen design that rotates 360 degrees around the screw during cleaning mode. The Lean Clean-Flow meets CE directives and offers quick changeover in minutes.

Lyco Manufacturing, Inc.


Infrabaker International introduced the Infrabaker Roller Cooker, an infrared cooker that colors, cooks and/or cures a wide range of round-shaped products like sausage links, round hams and salami. This patent-pending roller cooker uses a conveyor that turns the product evenly whilst moving forward, so that the product is hit by the infrared beams on all sides. It also comes equipped with a mechanism to optimize the distance between the infrared emitters and the product on the conveyor.

Infrabaker International
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Designed for preparing soups, sauces and mashed potatoes, Terlet’s bottom-driven cook/cool vessels feature unique construction. For starters, the motor is placed below the product, eliminating the risk of oil or grease contamination. Secondly, there is no bridge required across the top of the vessel, which eliminates shadow areas inside the vessel, making inspection and cleaning easy. The high-pressure bottom is ideal for sautéing ingredients, and the split-level jacket is good for different batch sizes. It comes in stationary or tiltable versions.

Terlet USA


Hollymatic combined power, safety and efficiency into the Tender Rite tenderizer for supermarkets, grocery stores and small- to medium-sized processing plants. A ¾ HP motor can process up to 1,200 steaks per hour. The Tender Rite’s hygienically superior design with all stainless-steel housing and inlet improves food safety. And, the stronger tenderizing blade assemblies provide greater efficiency. With optional stir fry slicing blades, butchers and processors can create stews and sliced portions.