Heat and Control offers a standard and custom-built range of fryer systems for small- to large-capacity cooking of coated and uncoated poultry, meat, seafood and other prepared foods.  Uniform heating of cooking oil assures consistent finished product using externally heated and direct-heated natural gas, electric or thermal fluid heating. All fryers operate with minimal oil volume to deliver fast oil turnover rates. Constructed to exceed USDA and AMI guidelines, every fryer can be integrated with Heat and Control batter and breading applicators, ovens, conveyors, weighers, inspection equipment and control systems.
Heat and Control, Inc.



Radio Frequency’s new Macrowave pasteurization systems are ideal for batch or conveyorized applications for bagged or bulk product. In a Macrowave heating system, an RF generator creates an alternating electric field between two electrodes. The material to be treated is conveyed through an electrode array where this alternating energy causes polar molecules in the material to continuously re-orient to face opposite poles. The friction resulting from molecular movement causes the material to heat rapidly and uniformly throughout its entire mass. These pasteurization systems operate at 40MHz, ensuring effective microbe kill and avoiding deleterious effects on product quality.
Radio Frequency Co.