Anaren, Inc., East Syracuse, N.Y., developed a family of passive RF components specifically designed for high-energy RF applications, such as the new generation of ‘smart’ microwave ovens.  

The family of 2.4GHz components is currently comprised of two Xinger-brand 3dB hybrid couplers (XEC24E-03G and XEC24A6-03G), one Xinger 30dB directional coupler (XEC24P3-30G) and a flanged, AIN termination (G300N50W4) optimized to work with the aforementioned couplers. All operate in the 2.4-2.5GHz ISM band, offer a compact package size that saves space relative to their PCB-printed alternatives and handles 300watts.

These components are also well-suited for industrial and commercial lighting applications and select tasks where high-power handling and robust packaging are required.

Anaren, Inc.