Piab, Hingham, Mass., offers two new suction cups designed for opening bags in the consumer and food industry. Piab suction cups

The F26 and F33 suction cups provide a strong, secure grip while trying to handle difficult-to-grip plastic film material. Suited for horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machines, the cups are ideal for the bag opening sequence. The flat shape of the cups, available in 26 and 33 mm, feature a very thin conformable lip with a unique cleat design underneath that has been specially made to prevent the film/sheet from being sucked in, thus preventing damage while enhancing lifting force.

The sealing properties of the cup compensate for leakage, allowing users to avoid unopened bags, preventing machine slowdowns and producing a more overall efficient handling solution. Other applications include handling and thin and sensitive sheets, such as paper and plastic films. Made of silicone material that complies with FDA standards, these suction cups work in temperatures from -40°F to 392°F.