Nestlé Foods, Oakland, Calif., expanded its Outshine brand of frozen bars to now include frozen fruit and vegetable bars. Edys Outshine fruit and veggie bars

"We wanted to add a unique twist to our namesake fruit bars with fruit and vegetable combinations in delicious, complementary flavors," says Kerry Hopkins, brand manager. "By adding vegetables to our recipes in this new line, we have created distinct flavor profiles that are a tasty way to include vegetables in your diet."

The line comes in Blueberry Medley, Tangerine Carrot, Apple and Greens, Peach Mango Medley and Strawberry Rhubarb varieties, and each bar offers 35-60 calories and contains at least 25% vegetables from purees and juices.

"Our consumers 'shine brighter' in every aspect of their lives, so we are thrilled to help them rejuvenate themselves with a wholesome snack that includes real fruit and vegetables in every bite," adds Hopkins.

These new fruit and vegetable bars are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.39 per 6-count box and $4.39 for the 12-pack multi-pack.