Powerful Yogurt, Miami, unveiled Powerful Yogurt PLUS+, a line of high-protein Greek yogurt. Powerful Yogurt Plus inbody

Powerful Yogurt PLUS+ has 21 grams of natural protein per 8-ounce serving and will be available in Coconut + Quinoa, Tropical Fruit + Oats and Lemon + Chia varieties. And, this product line is low fat, gluten-free, kosher and contains non-GMO ingredients.

"We are very excited to be evolving into a company with a strong portfolio of great-tasting, all-natural, high-protein foods that fuel the active lifestyle," says Carlos Ramirez, founder and CEO. "One year ago, we launched Powerful Yogurt with one product line. The success of our high-protein, award-winning Greek yogurt led to the strong growth and innovation that you see today, but this is just the beginning."

Powerful Yogurt products are now available at nearly 2,000 grocery stores nationwide.