Westfalia Technologies, Inc., York, Pa., introduced a series of enhancements to its conveyor product line.Westfalia chain driven conveyor

Product enhancements include:

Air-chain accumulation conveyor. In addition to the current offering that features limit-switch style sensors, this conveyor option will now come with photo eye sensors. Photoelectric sensing allows the product more application flexibility in product sensing by adding additional intelligence via PLC-controlled processes to accumulation, product gapping and sequencing.

Three-strand chain conveyor. This venerable design is receiving several upgrades, allowing for better chain protection using a different frame design, as well as streamlining the assembly process internally. Use of a double chain will also be standard, while retaining the small diameter sprockets that allow the transfer of GMA and Chep pallets to operate smoothly.

Right-angle transfer pallet handling device. A slave-driven roller bed option allows a chain-driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor, adjacent to the right-angle transfer, to drive the rollers of the transfer unit.

Westfalia also introduced a new spring chain pallet transport conveyor, using small diameter, double-staggered wheels, to provide smooth pallet transportation. The spring chain design allows this conveyor to be used in combination with air-chain accumulator models. For example, users can install a 100-foot-long conveyor by placing accumulators at the front-end only, say 10 zones, and then using the spring chain pallet conveyor along the first 10 zones. Such a combination involves fewer moving parts and allows two modes of operation (transport/accumulation) within the same conveyor. Only one motor is needed.

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