Responding to the needs of food packaging operations for high-resolution coding on non-porous packaging, Videojet Technologies, Wooddale, Ill., introduced its Videojet inkjet cartonthermal inkjet printer—the Videojet 8610.

Utilizing fast-drying inks such as MEK-based fluids, the 8610 provides high-resolution print on non-porous packaging materials, including films, foils, plastics and coated stocks.

The 8610 is said to provide print resolutions of up to four times greater than continuous inkjet technology, and offers near-letter quality printing with excellent edge acuity. It is comprised of three main components—a controller with user interface, an industrial printhead featuring the Cartridge Readiness System and a disposable ink jet cartridge.

Maintenance is minimal and only requires an occasional wipe of the print array and the shutter. Ink replenishment is accomplished with a simple cartridge change, a task that can be performed in 15 seconds or less by a novice operator. And, on-board code assurance helps simplify job selection and data entry.

Videojet Technologies, Inc.