GEA Refrigeration Technologies introduced GEA Omni control panel, a user-friendly and highly versatile control system that features a high-definition, multi-touch GEA Omni control panelscreen. In fact, this next-generation control panel integrates and optimally coordinates all required system components and enables demand-driven and highly energy-efficient facility operation.

The GEA Omni human-machine interface enables clear visualization of drawings, images and text and incorporates the single- and multiple-finger gestures used in many modern consumer electronics. An intuitive menu system ensures that routine functions are easy to perform by non-technical personnel. On-screen buttons and commands required for daily operations are clearly and logically grouped.

The GEA Omni HMI makes membrane keypads and tedious navigation obsolete. GEA Omni has been designed as an open system. As a result, it can monitor and control not only the relevant components not online from GEA, but also those from other companies. System openness makes it an all-inclusive command center, which eliminates the need for auxiliary control systems. For monitoring and managing the position of a valve or the operation of a pump, the entire refrigeration or gas-compression system can be controlled from one panel.

GEA Omni satisfies typical industrial communication standards (e.g., Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU and Allen-Bradley DF1) for data exchange with both auxiliary and supervisory control system components. A standard Ethernet interface enables the use of wireless technology and smartphone or tablet viewing capability.

Every GEA Omni includes supporting documentation from the factory. In addition, up to 1 GB of data can be easily stored and retrieved by the user via the USB port in the panel door. These documents include operating manuals, process safety management documents, electrical wiring diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams, mechanical drawings, component specifications, standard operating procedures, logic diagrams, documents in PDF format and videos in AVI, MP4, or WMV format.

Furthermore, every GEA Omni control panel includes GEA OmniLink, a stand-alone Microsoft Windows operating system application designed to automatically find GEA Omni panels on the same Ethernet network to read panel status and view the present panel screen remotely as if viewing the panel on-site. GEA OmniHistorian is a Microsoft Windows operating system application used to view and analyze historical data.

GEA Omni stores years of operating information at a user-defined sampling rate. This information consists of input/output data, event logs, parameters, revisions and annunciations, which can be easily transferred over Ethernet using GEA OmniLink. Up to 25 unique users can be created, each with a customizable view of operating data, control parameters and panel screens. Each unique user’s login history and actions are recorded in the panel for auditing purposes.

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