One thing we can always count on in the refrigerated and frozen foods industry is the continuous development of new retail products. Whether it’s Asian-inspired ice cream, plant-based bacon, air-chilled chicken or a breaded shrimp burger, no consumer need is unmet.

That’s why Refrigerated & Frozen Foods created the Reader’s Choice Best New Retail Products contest, where you, the reader, can vote for what you feel is the best new retail product introduction within the last 12 months. From the hundreds of new product announcements, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods nominated 17 refrigerated and frozen foods.

You can only vote once, so please share the voting links via your company e-newsletters, internal emails and social media channels.

Remember, the Top 5 most voted products get named 2014 Best New Retail Products and will appear in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ annual State of the Industry report (July 2014 issue), along with an in-depth Q&A with company executives.

Last year, the poll garnered a total of 7,321 votes, 265 Facebook likes and 24 tweets for all 22 nominations. Go HERE to see who received last year’s Top 5 best new retail products mention.

Regardless of the nation’s economical status or how many food safety mandates are in place, today’s cold food processors continue to meet and exceed consumers’ needs and wants with new and innovative products.