Milwaukee, Wis.-based Zoneworks introduced a sliding blast freezer curtain wall, a light and safe airflow and thermal barrier for blast freezer cells. The insulated wall Zoneworks blast freezer walleliminates the need for heavy and dangerous insulated panel doors used by food manufacturers and distributors to seal their blast freezers/chillers.

Engineered to be light and easy to use, Zoneworks’ blast freezer curtain wall can be operated by a single person. It is made of insulated, sliding panels nested in a tubular steel frame. Each panel is constructed of 18-ounce, industrial vinyl fabric surrounding a layer of anti-microbial polyester batting. The panels slide open and closed on a track-and-trolley system. It comes in three different designs—between jambs, single slide or bi-parting. This wall also forms a tight and effective seal to minimize the buildup of ice on the floor at the base of the doors, reducing employees’ chance of injury from slips and falls.