Milwaukee-based Zoneworks introduced SCW washdown curtain wall, a flexible fabric wall that’s ideal for use in food and beverage operations or any plants with Rite Hite washdown curtainharsh washdown environments. This washdown curtain wall also allows users to easily and effectively enclose areas to significantly minimize overspray when cleaning and/or reduce the potential for cross contamination during routine production processes.

The Zoneworks SCW washdown curtain wall is constructed of durable and cleanable, 18-ounce white vinyl fabric without stitched seams. No Velcro is used to connect the curtain wall panels to form a single wall.

All components and fasteners used to suspend the wall from ceiling joints or roof decks are made of stainless steel. A completed wall system easily withstands routine cleaning. Additionally, it holds up to wet and harsh conditions that occur when production equipment is cleaned as part of Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) best practices.

Systems can be reconfigured as the layout or environmental conditions inside the plant change.